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October 17th, 2014

Top Tips To Protect Your Home
Sergeant Simon Thompson is a senior member of Merseyside Police and has over 25 years experience working in the area of crime reduction. He worked with Professor Ken Pease over four years to practically road test the validity of Repeat Victimisation and to deliver concepts that could effectively reduce burglary at a police operational level in the community.
Sergeant Thompson believes that burglars are committed opportunists who target homes that look unoccupied, have little or no obvious security and where they think they will not be seen. He also believes that taking the time to assess the security of your house and taking some positive action to upgrade it can greatly reduce the risk of your home been targeted if burglaries have occurred on your road or reduce the risk of repeat burglary.
1. Lighting
There are several types of external lighting systems:
  • Low Wattage Lights: Depending on your preference for sensor lights or one that stays on all night, a low wattage economy bulb can cost under a cent per night in electricity.
  • Floodlights use a sensor which, when it has detected a person in its range, automatically switches on the light.
2. Burglar alarm
A burglar or intruder alarm installed and used properly can deter burglars. The sight of an alarm box outside may alone be enough to discourage burglars.
There are two types of alarms:
Monitored Alarms
If this alarm is activated it will alert a monitoring station that will either contact the Gardai or the named keyholder.
Audible Alarms
If this alarm is activated, an alarm or a siren bell will alert your neighbours.
You should pick an alarm that suits your circumstances but remember an alarm is not a complete substitute for installing good locks and improving your security, though it does provide an additional measure to help reduce the opportunities for burglars.
It is also essential that you use alarms in the correct way. Remember to turn them on when you are in the home, not just when your home is unoccupied.
3. Main door
All exterior doors should be fitted by a mortise lock. Locks are only as good as the door and the frame so make sure they are in good condition too. Patio doors and French windows should have relevant additional locks fitted if necessary.
4. Windows
Consider having window locks fitted. You may need a locksmith for this; however some window locks can be fitted by anyone who has a screwdriver.
Installing CCTV around your home will help deter burglars from breaking into your home.